The winners have been chosen. It's nearly time for the show.

Crowbar Awards Show 2020

Celebrate the rising stars of our local
creative community at the festive conclusion
of this year's Crowbar Awards.

Date: 18 December 2020
Time: 5.30pm to 7pm
Registration begins at 4.45pm

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Creative Circle Conference 2020

Date: 18 December 2020
Time: 3pm to 4.30pm
Registration begins at 2.30pm

2020 has brought about massive change.
Businesses, schools, the economy, the job market, all our plans,
have all been disrupted.

And our creative industry was not spared.

This has left so many in desperate straits, many have asked: β€œIs creativity still important?”

The answer is "Yes, it's more important than ever".

Because as the old ways were swept away, it paved the way for new ideas to break through the barriers of the new normal. Businesses and organizations that embraced creativity, supported by innovation and technology are not just surviving, but thriving.

And many of the biggest breakthroughs are coming not from the old guard, but newcomers, new thinkers, new leaders who bring fresh ideas unencumbered by the old ways of thinking.

The world's biggest businesses have seen that they need to be more creative than ever because just surviving the new normal is not good enough.

Our clients are asking agencies for innovative, creative solutions – fresh new ideas to engage more audiences, connect better and deliver more immersive customer experiences.

The world is done with the new normal. It's time for creativity to see what the Nxt Normal will look like.

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