Get inspired by these videos from our 2023 Crowbar Awards winners.

The Root Cause

Best of Design
The Root Cause
Aida Sevilla

Best of Branding
State of Being
Tan Jia Min

Best of Communications
Bird Bird & Bee Bee
Tan Kai Feng, Dominic, Javeen Bakshi, Ellie Lim Kai Hui, Tina Ting Li Lian

Best of Digital / Innovation (Online Film)
Condo Cops
Cheang Tze Chelsea, Lim Hong Jun, Tham Jia Xuan, Muhammad Isa Bin Hasan Malik, Tieffany Freya, Phoebe Yap Yun Xin, Emma Nicole Tan Xiu Qi, Carl Benedict Canlas Rosell

Best of Film & Photography (Animation)
Teo Yi Lin Adeline, Sng Yin Hao Alex

Best of Good (Communication)
Wild Encounters
Cheryl Teo Yilin

Best of Health & Wellness (Activation)
Pan Man
Meilina Abadi, Shannon Tamara

Best of Show
Talking Typefaces
Ong Chong Li Philip, Seth Low, Chua Jie Qi Vernice