As the world is disrupted, It's time to share your creativity to break through the new normal.

A world in recovery.
A world bound for reset.
In the wake of 2021, the toll of the pandemic has left behind a trail of disruptions. Economically, politically and environmentally, the world was on the brink of a financial crisis. Adopting and adapting to the new normal gave creativity, innovation and especially flexibility new opportunities to survive.

The world will not snap back to before the crisis even as we manage the pandemic, and new paths will be charted to allow reset. Rebuilding the future for our economy, environment, and equality will require breakthrough ideas and innovations.

Even as we tread through the shadows of societal and economical impact after the pandemic, we must not forget COVID-19 still in our midst as we race to vaccinate the world.

So, as the next generations of thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs, it’s time to shape your future with something meaningful and inspiring.

Let’s look ahead to The Nxt Reset Ideas that you’ll bring to the table of judges for Crowbar 2021.

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